The Letitia Carson Digital History Collection is now live! All are welcome to visit and learn about Letitia Carson, her story, and the Letitia Carson Legacy Project.

This collection includes, all in one place, primary source documents and photographs, historic maps, newspaper articles, published works, and other documentary evidence about Letitia Carson and her family.

Please check out our first eight exhibits, curated from the collection:

  • Learning from the Land: 12,000 BC – 1900s
  • Who was David Carson? 1800-1852
  • The Carsons’ Soap Creek Valley Homestead: 1814-1905
  • Letitia Carson vs. Greenberry Smith: 1852-1856
  • Letitia in Douglas County: 1853-1888
  • Soap Creek Valley Land after 1852 to today
  • Carson and Lavadour Genealogy: 1780-1900s
  • Zybach and Meranda Historiography: 1989-today

Many thanks to Bob Zybach and Jan Meranda for providing the majority of materials in this collection. Visit this exhibit to learn how they uncovered the long-hidden story of Letitia Carson, her homestead, and her unprecedented legal battles.

The Letitia Carson Digital Collection was created with support from the Oregon Heritage Commission.

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